Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Mr Richard Carr is the proud owner of the beautiful hearing dog Cameron, who was named after the Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron has been to visit the Prime Minister three times and he has made such a difference to Richard’s life, as Richard was born profoundly deaf. Both Richard and Cameron have done 10 charity walks last year for the charity “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People” and have raised thousands of pounds for the Charity. They also have a number of sponsored walks planned for this year, again to raise money for the fantastic charity.

JMR Solicitors sponsor Richard and Cameron and Jane Morris-Rowlinson has become quite close to them both. Cameron often visits Jane for a cuddle and Richard updates her on their achievements. Richard was so pleased when we informed him that both Jane and Marium had received a letter from David Cameron last year congratulating them on their achievement for being the UK’s number one fastest growing female lead business.

By training and giving Cameron to Richard, the charity, “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People” has removed many barriers for Richard and has given him the confidence to face any challenge. The bond between the two is overwhelming and is such a joy to see. The charity trains these clever dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals, the hearing dogs provide companionship and can relieve loneliness and anxiety which can make an enormous amount of difference to a deaf person’s life.

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