‘Divorce Day’ label given to the first working Monday of the year

Monday 8th January 2018 has been dubbed as “Divorce Day” according to lawyers, because the first working Monday of each year is said to be extremely stressful, with the festive season well and truly over,and finances feeling tight, it begins to reveal the cracks in relationships around the country.

A noticeable peak during the first month of the year is also apparent in Google Trends data which shows January 2016 and January 2012 as the two most prevalent months for divorce searches in the last ten years.The most recent divorce figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that nearly 107,000 heterosexual couples divorced last year – that’s an increase of 5.8% compared with 2015 and the highest increase since 2009.

“Divorces are difficult to deal with because of issues like financial settlements and arrangement for children. If you are considering a divorce, then the next step is to seek legal advice from a friendly family solicitor, and that will make the way clearer for you”, says Marium Razzaq, owner of J M R Solicitors in Manchester.

The complex legal issues raised by separation and divorce, and the effect they can have on the family, means that divorce discussions with a clientshould be handled with compassion and discretion. At J M R Solicitors, we provide clear and practical legal advice aimed at helping our clients find effective solutions. Amongst other more individual and personal circumstances, we have a lot of experience supporting clients with:

Separation of partners– J M R Solicitors frequently guide clients as to their rights and responsibilities on separation, helping them to put requirements in place that reflect their situations, whether informally (without taking legal action) or formally via a separation agreement (a written agreement explaining agreement for financial, property and/or child arrangements) or judicial separation (a court order that stops the obligation to live together without dissolving the civil partnership).

Legal help when applying for a divorce

Getting divorced or dissolving a civil partnership can be an upsetting, worrying and difficult time. A family law solicitor will support you through the divorce process, and will give you advice that you can trust about the things that matter most – your children, your home and your financial security.

JMR Solicitors in Manchester haveplenty of experience helping clients navigate divorce dealings, identifying suitablesolutions and making representations in court if needed.

Child arrangements

You will need to think about any children who you both have together and how to arrange the children’s living arrangements and visiting options. Our family law solicitorsare often asked by the client, how frequently should the other parent see their child. The answer to that is that it depends on what works well for you and your children; if they like spending time with and seeing the other parent and whether it is safe for them to do so – if all is fine, then consistent contact should continue. We have vast experience helping clients throughout Manchester resolve matters concerning child contact, residence and child maintenance.

Division of matrimonial property

Matrimonial property can and often gets people the most worried when it comes to money and security matters. There maybe some immediateactions you need to take such as protecting your rights in the home – you could possibly want to register for something called a Matrimonial Homes Right. There will be other possessions that you need to think about such as businesses, pensions and bank accounts.

Before doing this, a civilised discussion with your partner is encouraged, if you are on speaking terms. Whatever happens, you both need to be fully aware of each other’s financial position. Otherwise, how can anything you agree on be fair?

J M R Solicitors has been helping clients to properly recognise and fairly-divide matrimonial property.

Financial provision – we oftensupport clients to consider all the financial situations, including pension arrangements, to help them negotiate and agree (or apply to the court, if necessary) an arrangement that protects their interests.

Marium adds: “We believe that separation, divorce or dissolution doesn’t need to be hostile or costly and we provide tailored advice to each of our clients whatever their legal requirements may be.”

For advice on a divorce, separation or dissolution call J M R Solicitors in Manchester to get some legal help today on 0161 491 3933

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